I am a second year PhD student in the MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) Joint Program, within the computer science department at MIT. I am a member of the WARP Lab, advised by Yogesh Girdhar and co-advised by Nicholas Roy in the Robust Robotics Group within the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT.

I collaborate with biologists and engineers to develop in-situ machine learning algorithms that can be used on-board autonomous underwater vehicles to offer a better understanding of marine ecosystems. I focus on unsupervised machine learning, information theory, and robot autonomy, all within the context of biological applications. This work can be applied to explore a variety of practical problems within biology, from exploring unknown marine environments with the goal of discovering new phenomena, to monitoring coral reefs and evaluating their health, to detecting diseases or predators in offshore fish farms.

My PhD is funded in part by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.


c/o MIT/WHOI Joint Program
MIT EECS Department
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Email: geflaspo@mit.edu